Lacquer Painted Cabinet- Art District, Los Angeles, CA

untitled album 8 - 01

untitled album 8 - 02

untitled album 8 - 03

untitled album 8 - 05

untitled album 8 - 04

untitled album 8 - 07

untitled album 8 - 08

untitled album 8 - 09

untitled album 8 - 10

untitled album 8 - 11

untitled album 8 - 12

About jody toole

Jody Toole began his career in the painting and finishing industry in the early 1970's. In 1978 he was issued Contractor's License # 357067 (Class C33 Painting & Decorating) by the state of California. At this time he and a partner ran a painting & finishing business. In 1986 Mr. Toole, along with his partner, co-authored a book for painting contractors- Paint Contractor's Manual. As of this writing Paint Contractors Manual is still in print and to date has sold almost 40,000 copies. Today Mr. Toole runs Jody Toole's Professional Finishes as the sole owner. When asked to describe what his company does this is what he had to say- " We put color on wood. We hand mix stains and glazes. We do color matching, distressing, antiquing, refinishing, painted finishes and paint & glaze finishes. Some of the 'looks' we create are Tuscany, French Country, Italian Classic, Rustic, and traditional paint & glaze finishes." And his guiding philosophy- " Get the color right. Above all else, get the color right. And then get the "look." And when these two are right and your customer is beaming then give them a long-lasting durable finish."
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3 Responses to Lacquer Painted Cabinet- Art District, Los Angeles, CA

  1. districtmillworks says:

    Wow! You and Beamer did an amzing job on that!

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