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Jody Toole began his career in the painting and finishing industry in the early 1970's. In 1978 he was issued Contractor's License # 357067 (Class C33 Painting & Decorating) by the state of California. At this time he and a partner ran a painting & finishing business. In 1986 Mr. Toole, along with his partner, co-authored a book for painting contractors- Paint Contractor's Manual. As of this writing Paint Contractors Manual is still in print and to date has sold almost 40,000 copies. Today Mr. Toole runs Jody Toole's Professional Finishes as the sole owner. When asked to describe what his company does this is what he had to say- " We put color on wood. We hand mix stains and glazes. We do color matching, distressing, antiquing, refinishing, painted finishes and paint & glaze finishes. Some of the 'looks' we create are Tuscany, French Country, Italian Classic, Rustic, and traditional paint & glaze finishes." And his guiding philosophy- " Get the color right. Above all else, get the color right. And then get the "look." And when these two are right and your customer is beaming then give them a long-lasting durable finish."

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets- Granada Hills, CA

Located in Porter Ranch this is a white oak kitchen dating back to the 1970’s. That makes it about 40 yrs. old. But, because it is solid oak it is still in very good condition. We stripped the existing finish with … Continue reading

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Brentwood, CA, Kitchen Countertop- Water Based Polyurethane Finish

This job required a bomb proof finish that would stand up to heavy usage, extensive exposure to water, sunlight, household cleaners and whatever else might be spilled on a kitchen countertop. And, oh, by the way, the finish had to … Continue reading

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Refinishing Garage Door- Los Angeles, CA

Prior to our arrival this door had been worked on by another contractor. He botched it thoroughly and then attempted to strip off his finish. This was botched also, so that when we arrived we found a door that required extensive prep … Continue reading

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Refinishing Entry Doors- Los Angeles, CA

The entry doors pictured below received the same treatment as the garage doors in the previous post. We stood the doors up to spray because catalyzed polyurethane is an oil based product (slow to dry) and will attract dust like a … Continue reading

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Cabinet Refinishing- Beverly Hills, CA 90210

On this job the homeowner was certain of three things: 1- the lacquer smell would force them to sleep in the guest house 2- dust would permeate the entire house 3- the wall paint would be damaged by the refinishing process. … Continue reading

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Paint & Glaze Finish- Woodland Hills, CA

A true classic, the paint & glaze finish. For this job we chose to start with a white lacquer paint with a clear sealer topcoat. With this as our base we then applied a glaze of van dyke brown followed … Continue reading

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Cherry Cabinets- La Crescenta, CA

Randy Redfern likes cherry wood. And he likes it in its natural state. So, to achieve the natural, aged cherry look the cabinets were allowed to sit unfinished for probably about three months prior to our finishing work. To enrich … Continue reading

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Quartz Counter Top- La Crescenta, CA

Quartz, a change of pace from granite or marble.

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The Aftermath

In my previous post I waxed rhapsodic about the Mark 10 RTC fume sucking wind machine. In this post let’s take a look at the aftermath and see how it all worked out. The pictures tell the story.

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Onsite Spray Booth: New and Improved

I call this the Mark 10 RTC Fume Sucking Wind Tunnel. It is the result of a rather simple modification suggested and implemented by Randy Redfern ( customer & general contractor). The full name is: Mark 10 Redfern Turbo Charged Fume … Continue reading

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