Most Important

Earlier this year we refinished a kitchen in Bell Canyon.

The homeowner was certain that we would damage the paint on the walls adjacent to the cabinets. He had his touch-up paint ready.

Imagine his surprise when we were all done, the masking was removed and  ”voila!” – the paint was perfect. This after scrubbing with stripper, sanding, staining, glazing and lacquering.

How did we manage this? What’s the big secret?

Duct Tape. Good ole duct tape.

Here’s how we do it:

1.-apply a 2 in. wide strip of non-sticky blue tape to the wall.

2.-apply a 2 in. wide strip of duct tape on top of the blue tape.

3.- mask off the wall using yellow painter’s tape on top of the

duct tape.

Here’s how it works:

1.- Nothing can penetrate the duct tape. It is the impervious barrier protecting

the painted wall from the stripper chemicals and the lacquer.

2.- But the duct tape would rip the paint right off the wall, so to prevent this

we use the non-sticky blue tape underneath.

3.- The final step is standard masking paper which goes on top of the duct

tape and extends out to cover the wall as needed.

We’ve been using this technique for several years now and have had more than one astonished homeowner that was very pleased with the results.

Anytime you’re working in someone’s home you need to be neat and clean and maintain an orderly work space. And when you’re doing refinishing work you need to take this to the nth degree.

Now, we’ve gotten so good at this that on occasion, when the homeowner requests it, we’ve even refinished kitchens without emptying out the cabinets. We just masked everything off and did our job.